XLBarcode provides the easiest way to create barcodes in your Excel spreadsheet.

Our barcode fonts and barcode add-in create all common linear barcode symbologies for retail, warehousing, and pharmaceuticals.

The software is very easy to use: Select cells, click the "Create Barcode" button in the ribbon and select the desired barcode type. That's all. Our software guarantees compliant, working barcodes even if you are a barcode newbie. No programming required!

The video shows sequential barcodes Code 128. Using auto-fill the user creates a series of numbers (100000, 100001, etc.). The selected numbers are then converted to Code 128 barcodes with a single mouse click:

The software handles everything in the background: check digit calculation, formatting, centering the text and barcode etc. It doesn't get easier than that.

Here's another example: The user opens a sheet with list of products. The sheet has columns for Manufacturer, Origin, EAN etc. With a single click, the EAN numbers are converted to barcodes:

Use sensible defaults for the barcode creation or make the barcode to your liking: Position, size, human readable text, check digit calculation - everything is configurable.